Victim 1 of Sandusky Case Sues Penn State Over Concealing the Abuse

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Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant football coach of the Penn State football team was convicted in June of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15 year period. One of the victims involved in the Jerry Sandusky case, identified by the Grand Jury as “Victim 1” recently sued Penn State on Friday, August 31st.  He claimed that the school had helped to conceal the abuse of the children and was more interested in “protecting the reputation and commercial viability of the football program” than putting a stop to a child predator. Victim 1 also accused notable Penn State administrators, including Joe Paterno, with the knowledge that Jerry Sandusky was a “dangerous, sociopathic sexual predator who had previously raped, sodomized, and/or otherwise seriously harmed young boys on the Penn State campus.”

Victim 1, now an 18 year old, declared during court that Sandusky had repeatedly performed oral sex on him when he was a minor. The school did not have much to say on the matter but stated later that “President Erickson and the Board of Trustees have publicly emphasized that their goal is to find solutions that rest on the principle of justice for the victims.” They have even gone so far as to make plans to host a sexual abuse conference.  I hope they don’t invite Sandusky.  The verdict has yet to be decided on Victim 1, however notable members of the Penn State school board, Curley and Schultz, still face felony charges but have pleaded not guilty to all accusations.

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