OMG! One Direction Gets To Keep Their Name!

Not a fan

British boy band One Direction has recently settled with an American punk band of the same name who attempted to sue the band declaring they had the name first. The California-based punk band, who mostly plays local fairs and bars, claim to have been using the name since 2009.  In maybe the least punk-rock move ever, the American One Direction reportedly asked for $1 million dollars and and a percentage of the teenybopper’s future success. The settlement did include a monetary exchange, but the amount remains undisclosed.

The stoic Simon Cowell, who formed the British boy band and owns the label with which they are contracted countersued. He claimed that the American punks were trying to leech off the success of his popular international band. In terms of the agreement, the court has awarded both bands the ability to keep their name.  Although, it has been reported that the stateside group will be changing their title to possibly the worst band name of all time: Uncharted Shores.

The five members of the British boy band had each originally auditioned as solo acts on the English television show “The X-Factor” during the 2010 season. Though their chances of winning were slim, judges Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, and Louis Walsh recognized their potential and did not wish to send the boys home. One Direction was formed on July 23rd and later placed third in the competition.  The winner of “The X-Factor” that season was the much lesser-known singer Matt Cardle.  He should probably change his name to One Direction in an attempt to leech off the boy band’s success as well.

Written by Matt Germann.