Core Firm in Settlement Wants Their Share of Apple Pie

  • Sumo

Apple Pie, by Flickr user "Kanko", licensed via Creative Commons.We recently wrote about how a Chinese tech company won a settlement against Apple to the tune of $60 million over its iPad trademark. However, when it comes to paying the law firm that helped them earn that paycheck, Proview seems to be skipping out on the bill. The Grandall Law Firm is suing for their agreed-upon share of the settlement, which comes out to $2.4 million. Proview founder Yang Rongshan has been quoted as saying the complaints by the firm are “nonsense” and has insisted that they will be paying the bill eventually. The company itself is rumored to be in the process of liquidation due to impending bankruptcy, lending some insight to Grandall Law’s insistence on being paid as soon as possible. 

I’m not sure what exactly Yang Rongshan’s definition of “nonsense” is. Paying the debts owed as part of a contract you have personally agreed to is not a nonsensical issue. If the rumors about liquidation are true, you would have to imagine that the $60 million will be spent almost immediately and split up in a few different ways. However, if you’re someone who uses priorities, wouldn’t you want to pay the law firm who’s helping to keep you afloat first? Why create ill will with your benefactors? That’s biting the hand that feeds. It makes you think if Proview is ever actually going to pay or if they plan on leading the firm around in circles. How long will they let this go before Grandall winds up demanding even more money?

You have to think that Apple is sitting back and getting a huge kick out of this whole situation. A company who tosses around $60 million like it’s nothing is now watching the recipient of that money flop around like a fish out of water. It kind of puts such a large amount of money in perspective, if that’s at all possible. What would normally be considered a saving grace for a company with precarious finances has turned into too little, too late. If they can’t pay their lawyers, what can they spend that money on? There’s a phrase that’s thrown around a lot, especially in the NFL, who are no strangers to lawsuits and disputes, when players are negotiating a new contract: “Pay the man”. The player does all the work on the field and makes money for everyone else, so it makes sense to take care of them. Clearly the Grandall Law Firm scored a touchdown here, and they deserve something in the way of a victory dance.