$500,000 Awarded in California Sexual Harassment Settlement


Burt Legal, a law office out of Ventura, California, announced today that it has won a judgment on behalf of its client, Kristine Avalos, for $429,779 in a sexual harassment suit.    Ms. Avalos alleged that her former employer willingly maintained a hostile work environment, forcing her to endure inappropriate and demoralizing verbal attacks, often of a sexual nature.  When she complained, the company fired her.  The lawsuit, headed by lawyer Joshua A. Burt, sought damages for wrongful termination, discrimination, and emotional trauma caused by the abusive employment.  Today’s announcement signals a victory for the downtrodden everywhere.

Lawyer.com is proud to list Burt Legal among its premium respected lawyers, and we congratulate them on their victory.  To find out more about the firm, visit their page at lawyer.com, or visit their website here.

One thought on “$500,000 Awarded in California Sexual Harassment Settlement

  1. Holly Colino

    People who fear a person who is strong or who knows of actions that are in the wrong by others often become targets of some form of harassment. If this happens to you; dont let verbal attacks or threats alarm you. Stay calm and report the activity every time it happens. Keep a log. Stay calm and get out of the situation.

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