Gilberto Valle On Trial For Murder And Rape Plot

This is an open suitcase by Flickr user emmamccleary, licensed by Creative Commons

  You never know what could be inside

Gilberto Valle’s sick and disturbing fetish is described by his defense lawyer Julia Gatto as a, “vibrant subculture of role playing.”  Gatto is taking an extreme angle defending Valle in his actions of using police databases to find, kidnap, rape, and cannibalize about 100 women.  They are resting on the mere fact that Valle never acted on his thoughts and how can you convict someone for simply talking and thinking about killing women.

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Austin Sigg Tried For The Murder of Ten Year-Old Jessica Ridgeway

Zip Ties by Flickr user TheOneKidKyle, licensed by Creative Commons

Sigg used zip ties to bound Jessica’s hands and legs

I can’t say how I would feel after a kidnapping and murder but I am pretty sure that it was eating at Austin Sigg, 17 year-old from Golden, Colorado.  Colorado courts have ruled that there is enough evidence to prove Austin Sigg guilty for the murder of Jessica Ridgeway.

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