Walmart Refuses to Admit Wrongdoing in Discrimination Lawsuit

Popular super center, Walmart, plans to settle a 2015 discrimination lawsuit, which focuses on the fact that until 2014, employees were denied health benefits for their same-sex spouses. The lawsuit was originally filed in Massachusetts, and on December 3, the opposing parties decided to settle in the US District Court of Massachusetts.
A Massachusetts Walmart employee, Jacqueline Cote, initiated the lawsuit, after facing consistent rejection of medical coverage for her wife, who was undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer.

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Corrosive Toyota Lawsuit Reaches a Settlement

The Toyota Motor Corporation class action lawsuit will come to an end, with a settlement in the amount of $3.4 billion. American owners of three Toyota models, Tacoma trucks, Sequoias, and Tundras, scrutinized the structure and reliability of the vehicles, due to rust eating through the frames. Approximately 1.5 million vehicles were affected.

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Trump Threatens Lawsuit “After the Election”

Donald Trump, by flickr user Gage Skidmore, licensed by Creative Commons.Election Day is rapidly approaching, allowing enough time for the publicity of a potential lawsuit. It may be argued that this election and the portrayal of the candidates are significantly swayed by the media. The recent leak of a 2005 video of Donald Trump, bragging about his sexual advances toward woman, has further destroyed his already unfavorable persona. As a result of this video, in which he boyishly gloats about getting away with “groping” women, at least ten women have come forward with claims of sexual misconduct.

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Lawsuits Spread Like Wildfire

Summer grilling, by Wikimedia Commons user Frettie, licensed by Creative Commons.


Two lawsuits were filed recently concerning Oregon wildfires that could have been prevented. Disregarding a ban, a family of three built a campfire in extremely dry conditions. While one of the campers slept, the campfire grew into a 200-acre inferno. The state spent $892,000 to extinguish the forest fire, which the family will be held responsible to pay. One of the campers claimed that this fire was an “’unfortunate act of nature.’” The state of Oregon disagreed with his statement.

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Fox Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Popular Show Empire

The popular Fox hit TV show Empire has created drama even before the second season begins. The reason, Fox has been hit with a class action lawsuit that came from them filming at the Chicago juvenile detention center, which coincidently is the backdrop for the first two episodes.

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